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New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

Please feel free to contact us !

For questions re: 

Question for the NJASP President? John Lestino - NJASP President 
Membership? Stephanie Frasier - Membership Chair
Ethical concerns? 
Barbara Williams
General Conference Information? Stacey Maugeri Conference Chair
Conference exhibits and donations? Ruth Marino
Sol Heckelman - Communications Chair
Research? Ruth Marino - Research Chair 
Professional Development Opportunities? Dale Starcher - Professional Development Chair 
NASP related issues?
Terri Allen - NASP Delegate
Website? Social Media? Terri Allen - Website Chair 
Diversity?  Helizhabeth Cruz - Diversity Co-chairs
Collaboration with other professional groups (NJEA, CoCST, etc.) in NJ? Sol Heckelman
Advocacy? Government and Professional Relations? Barry Barbarasch - GPR Chair 
Involvement if you are graduate student (GUSTO)?  
Liaison to Graduate Educators in School Psychology
Barbara Williams
If you would like to attend an upcoming Executive Board meeting? 
Stacey Maugeri NJASP Secretary
Questions about your payment to NJASP?
Melissa Norrbom - NJASP Treasurer
Question for your regional delegate?      North

Julia Coyne

Edith Lima


Theresa Brown

Dale Starcher


Gionna Botto

Brianna Laws

Awards and Nominations?   Leslie Miles
Question for the Executive Secretary?  Debra Keeney
Question for the NJASP Treasurer?  Melissa Norrbom - NJASP Treasurer
 Employment Opportunities?  OPEN - contact Website

Mailing Address:            NEW      

PO Box 9658
Hamilton, NJ 08650

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