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New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

Practical Tips for Implementing SEL

Question Bank: Student Well-Being Check-Ins

1. How are you feeling today?

2. What emotion are you feeling the most today?

3. What was the best part of the past week for you?

4. What was the hardest part of the past week for you?

5. What can teachers or other adults at school do to better help you?

6. During the past week, how often did you feel [Excited? Happy? Loved? Safe? Hopeful? Angry? Lonely? Sad? Worried? Frustrated?]

7. How clearly did I teach things in class today? 

8. If your friend missed class today and asked you to explain the lesson, what would you tell them?

9. What was confusing for you today? 

10. How much did students in class help each other learn today?

11. How included did you feel in class today?

12. What was your favorite part of class today?

13. What got in the way of your learning today?

14. What’s the biggest thing I/you could do better tomorrow to help you learn?

15. Do you feel bullied by other students?

16. How have you been sleeping recently?

17. If we had free breakfast at school, how much would that help you?

18. If you could do laundry at school, how much would that help you?

19. If you could get free clothes (like jackets and shoes) at school, how much would that help you?

20. If we could improve your internet access outside of school, how much would that help you?

21. Would you like to talk privately with an adult from school about how you're feeling or something on your mind? 

How to Use These Question

What and Who

  • A school psychologist creates and administers a check-in survey (maximum of five questions) asking students about their well-being.

  • Teachers and school psychologists individually review the answers and follow up with specific students.


Taking Action on Responses

  • Strengthen Tier 1 practices.

  • Follow up with individual students.

  • Set up interventions for individual students or groups of students.

Excerpted from Panorama Education, courtesy of Maurice Elias

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