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New Jersey Association of School Psychologists


For more information or to request survey distribution, please contact our Research Chair, Ruth Marino

Research and Best Practices

Our Goals:

1. To conduct research, at the discretion of the executive board, on topics that are considered timely and useful for the overall direction and purpose of NJASP;

2.  Serve as research resource for other committees by facilitating their research efforts, and/or providing direct support in obtaining and analyzing data;

3. Continue with the update of  the demographic survey of NJASP members that measures trends in salaries, negotiations, and the role and function of school psychologists and submit a report of the results to the Newsletter;

4. Support and encourage new research from the general membership. 

5. Report committee activities to the NJASP executive board as needed or requested.


Results from our surveys have been useful in assisting members with negotiations and also in discussions with legislators regarding the practice of school psychology in New Jersey.


For more information contact Ruth Marino     


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